Friday, August 31, 2007

Dog Days Of August

TITLE God's Light, Shining Bright

AUTHOR Allia Zobel Nolan

PUBLISHER Kregel Publications

ISBN 0-8254-5527-8

The dogs enjoyed the long days of summer in this action filled adventure. It's just the right time for sparklers and fun. The summer nights are shared with foxes, rabbits, cats and pigs. The warm nights and dazzling lights give a glimpse of God for those who look into the pages if only for a moment.

The sparklers that provide light for this book make this book interactive. Brightening the pages of this book, the sparklers serve as a reminder of summers past and present. The sights of summer, including fireflies and stars, fill the pages of this book. Like summers, this book is somewhat short.

Young children could enjoy this book. The variety of animals would be interesting for them and hold their attention for longer than the glow of a firefly. This is a good story to read to a pre-school or kindergarten class. It could become an interactive experience which includes the book, children and those who read this story silently or out loud.

Shannon Bridget Murphy

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