Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flight To Egypt

TITLE Clopper and the Night Travelers

AUTHOR Emily King (Author) Ed Olson (Illustrator)

PUBLISHER Kregel Publications

ISBN 978-0-8254-3066-4

Recounting a tale about travel is great told by a fly on the wall or at least a donkey. Clopper began the narration of this Christmas story with the proverbial story of Jesus in a manger. While enjoying a meal of evening grass, he noticed that a bright light from a brilliant star shining on the home of Joseph, Mary and the newly arrived Jesus. Along with those from foreign and faraway countries and camels, Clopper was not alone among the evening stars.

The arrival of three wisemen in style brought interesting news. They had visited Herod's palace in Jerusalem. The questions asked were ones filled with mystery and an overwhelming sense of danger. The decision that they reached together led to an equally interesting mystery worth traveling through this story.

Through the moonlight, rocks and trees cast long and dark shadows. Clopper, along with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus became night travelers. The final destination was Egypt. There, they found merchant's carts, camels and idols who included Ankh and Anubis.

This book is filled with interesting and unique colors illustrated by Ed Olson. The primary key animals in the pages of this story are Clopper and a parade of camels. When Clopper meets with Anubis he seems surprised and taken off of his guard. A seemingly mischeivous dog by all appearances peered through the corner of a page.

This book could easily find full time passage into an elementary or junior high school classroom. If the school district that it arrives at requires that Egypt be introduced, this would be a great cirruculum addition at the Christmas holiday season. A colorful map provides a clear idea about geography. Along with Clopper, this illustrated book is a learning journey for all.

Shannon Bridget Murphy

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